Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis) removes plaque and tartar from the teeth (not the roots - see root planning). This will make the gums and teeth healthier. It is not uncommon for patients to note that teeth appear slightly more sensitive after a dental cleaning. The reason for this is that plaque and tartar coat the tooth surface and shield them from substances in the mouth. It is important for one to brush and floss after every meal to prevent buildup of plaque and tartar.


Dental calculus: soft calculus on the surface of teeth or at the edge of gums; appears yellow or grey; soft and easy to remove


Tartar/Odontolith: hard calcified or calcifying lump mainly formed by dental plaque; hard and difficult to remove


Ultrasonic Curettage
Ultrasonic curettage is an effective method of debridement of the soft tissue walls of periodontal pockets. And histological studies of tissue excised after curettage have shown that healing occurs by epithelialization of the sulcuar surface and resolution of inflammation in the gingival corium.


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