Teeth Bleaching

BEYOND Whitening Technology
Beyond Whitening Accelerator's high-intensity blue light activates its special whitening formula which contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and 20 nanometer silicon dioxide (SiO2), along with other special ingredients. The half-hour procedure rapidly oxidizes the pigmentation of 16 or more teeth through the dentin tube, restoring them to a beautiful white. After the Beyond procedure, teeth score a 5-14 shade improvement on the Vita shade guide. Beyond uses the most advanced blue light at a wavelength of 480-520 nanometers. The light is filtered through over 12,000 fibers with a total length of 1 mile and finally through two optical-lenses, each coated with more than 30 layers, removing infrared and ultraviolet light completely.
Beyond operates at a lower temperature than similar products by using the latest optical techniques to avoid irritation of the nerves of the teeth. The 30-minutes process is very effective for teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances like coffee or tea. It also whitens teeth discolored by medicine such as tetracycline or speckled by fluoride.

BEYOND Comparison
Tests prove that, after whitening with Beyond, the teeth score 5 to 14 points higher on the VITA scale. The results are 30% better than for home whitening kits and much better than results obtained with other comparable products.
With Beyond, the whole whitening process takes only 30 minutes. Using low temperature, cold-light avoids irritation of the nerves of the teeth. Beyond is a one-time treatment with no irritation and no side effects, whitening the teeth for up to two years. Beyond is recognized as the safest and most effective way of whitening the teeth currently available.

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